2008_04_shootingbx.jpgA woman sitting in her car on a Bronx Street was shot to death, while her fiance was shot in the leg, on a Bronx street yesterday afternoon. Chelsea Frazier and Carlos Cruz had been visiting from Massachusetts; her 1-year-old son, sitting in a car seat, was uninjured.

Cruz's uncle Harry Miller said the couple had been shopping and, according to his nephew, a man followed them out, interested in Cruz's gold chain. At Torry and Barrett Avenues, while Cruz was pulled over, a man approached them with a gun; Miller said, "He said, 'He took my chain and shot me in the leg.'" Miller added the shooter also aimed the gun inside the car, and Cruz tried to grab it, and Frazier was hit while trying to get out of the car.

Police are still investigating the shooting, and witnesses say they saw a car speeding away after the shootings. Frazier's parents are coming from Massachusetts to claim their grandson. And Miller said his nephew, who is in stable condition, was very upset, "He's feeling that if he didn't grab the gun, she wouldn't have gotten shot."