A Washington Heights woman was arrested for using a city pool as a modified strip club, apparently co-opting the railing in the deep end for a pole and (successfully!) encouraging adults and children alike to slap her gyrating rear.

21-year-old Raiz Nunez was escorted out of Highbridge Pool in Washington Heights on July 16th after refusing to stop shaking her be-thonged bottom, NYC Park Advocates reports. Founder Geoffrey Croft has a titillating account of the action:

She was asked to leave. Things escalated while she was being escorted out by police and PEP officers attempting to remove her from the premises.

"She was saying that she looks good and you are all just jealous that's why you're doing this. She looked liked Sponge Bob Square Pants," said an officer referring to the woman's apparent non hour-glass figure.

According to a source the woman continued taunting the officers and threatened them asking what they were going to do if she didn't leave. She threw herself on the ground near the locker ares on the pool deck in order to avoid being arrested. Officers began rolling around with her on the floor trying to handcuff her. Officers had a difficult time grabbing and holding on to her wrists due to an ample amount of sun screen as she flailed about trying to avoid arrest. One officer hurt his hip during the altercation.

At one point one she even managed to slip out of one of her cuffs.

One officer had to put on gloves in order to get a grip on her oiled up body.

"You're in a thong bathing suit resisting (arrest)," one officer commented afterwards

Nunez was charged with resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and obstruction of governmental administration. It's unclear whether she was forced to visit the precinct in her bathing suit, Spring Breakers style.

According to Croft, Nunez attempted to return to the pool Saturday in the same getup, but was turned away. While we respect Nunez's stick-to-itiveness, perhaps she should look into joining Thong Guy in Fulton Ferry Park. He'd probably enjoy some company?