A tourist was hospitalized last night after a wooden hammock flew off a building's terrace and fell approximately five stories onto her.

According to police, the 48-year-old woman, reportedly a British tourist, was walking on Church Street near Park Place at around 5 p.m. yesterday when the hammock fell on her.

"You hear something loud and collapsed, and everybody is looking across the street. I come to see the lady, she had gotten hit, she was on the floor," a witness who only gave her name as Serena told ABC7. She described the woman as looking "banged up but not bleeding."

Another witness, Baby Rashad, told the Post that the woman was "in bad shape. Her left leg was twisted up." ABC 7 reports that workers at the luxury rental building TriBeCa House, at 50 Murray Street, were later seen carrying the hammock inside the building.

Authorities took the woman, who said she had head, back and leg injuries, to Bellevue Hospital, where she was listed in fair condition.

"Three seconds earlier that would have been me. She looked like she was in shock, just laying there, eyes batting, and no words," MTA worker Dan Gallagher told CBS.