A woman riding a bus in Brooklyn on Friday was injured after a stray bullet shattered the glass of a bus window.

According to NBC, 60-year-old Yndeliza Batiste Rodriguez was on the B13 bus on Wyckoff Avenue between Harman Street and Greene Avenue in Bushwick when the bullet struck the bus around 2:30 p.m. yesterday. The bullet sent pieces of glass into Rodriguez's head: "She had blood coming from the left side of her head," witness Carmen Bonilla told the Daily News. "It was insane. You can’t even ride a city bus."

"She feeling just warm, something warm coming to her head," her brother Rafael Batiste translated for her to NBC. "Just like the bullet just went through." Rodriguez was transported to Wyckoff Hospital with head injuries; the bus driver was also taken to a local hospital to be treated for shock.

ABC has surveillance video, which you can see below, of several suspects fleeing the scene:

At least four men were seen running from the scene after several shots went off, but investigators don't have a motive for it yet. "The two men were right in front of our window," witness Elizabeth Brito told the News. "They were walking together normally. One pulled out a pistol and started shooting. I couldn’t see their faces, they were wearing hoodies." Cops add that investigation is ongoing.