The actress who volunteered to walk around New York City for ten hours with a hidden camera fixed on her—an effort to highlight the street harassment problem women face daily—is now receiving rape threats online.

The video featuring Shoshana B. Roberts—who got catcalled about 100 times during those 10 hours—has nearly 5.5 million views after one day online, and over 30,000 comments. While the video did create some worthwhile dialogue, many of these YouTube comments range from vile to just plain ignorant.

Hollaback, a non-profit dedicated to ending street harassment, commissioned the video, and tweeted that Roberts is now receiving rape threats online:

While they are actively trying to get those comments deleted and reported to YouTube, it's unclear if the NYPD has been notified as well—we've reached out to Hollaback's Emily May and will update when we hear back. She told Newsday, "The rape threats indicate that we are hitting a nerve. We want to do more than just hit a nerve though, we want New Yorkers to realize—once and for all—that street harassment isn't OK, and that as a city we refuse to tolerate it."