Preliminary results from an autopsy have revealed that an asthma attack claimed the life of a pregnant 25-year-old who died after two EMTs refused to treat her inside a Downtown Brooklyn cafe. Now, the question is, could Eutisha Revee Rennix's asthma attack have been treated?

"Had the asthma attack been addressed, would she be alive today?" said her lawyer Sanford Rubenstein, according to the Daily News. "That's the question that needs to be answered." The body of Rennix — who was six months pregnant at the time of her death — was exhumed this week by the Brooklyn medical examiner's office. The autopsy results go against earlier reports that Rennix died from cardiac arrest after having a seizure at work on Dec. 9. The errors in the initial findings were caused by "a mixup between Long Island College Hospital and the medical examiner's office, which allowed Rennix to be buried before an autopsy was performed," the tabloid reports.

The attorney representing the medics — who have been suspended and could face criminal charges — says his clients "are being maligned" and that they never saw Rennix, who was ailing in a back room of the MetroTech Au Bon Pain while they were buying breakfast. But the victim's coworkers claim they informed the EMTs of the pregnant woman's condition and begged them to provide treatment to Rennix, who reportedly felt shortness of breath and intense stomach pain when she collapsed. The victim's mother said her daughter always carried her asthma equipment with her, and that the EMTs could have found it, or given her another kind of treatment.