We've learned time and time again that when it comes to retrieving fallen cell phones, people will go to just about any lengths to get them back—personal safety be damned.

The latest installment features 22-year-old Alexis Campagna, who was reportedly walking along the East River in the UES' Carl Schurz Park around 6 a.m. Saturday when her phone tumbled out of her hand and onto the river's rocky embankment.

Displaying the same courage most people reserve for rescuing their child or cronut, Campagna attempted to scale the 20-foot seawall to save her precious device—which frankly was probably pretty busted after hitting those rocks, anyway—but ultimately fell most of the way down herself. A bystander alerted a nearby cop guarding Gracie Mansion, who tossed her a safety ring to cling to while awaiting the FDNY, the Daily News reports.

She was transported to Weill Cornell Medical Center with at least one broken leg. The condition of the phone has not been released.