All that snow is melting fast and breaking apart, sending dangerous projectiles raining down onto NYC streets. Some buildings in Manhattan have caution tape around them today, in an attempt to keep pedestrians from walking directly into the trajectory of falling snow and ice chunks. Good luck.

Watch out for falling icicles! Sunshine after the blizzard is making it hazardous in midtown.

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PIX 11 reports that a woman walking on West Broadway in Manhattan was hit on the head by a chunk of ice and "suffered a non-life threatening injury." More falling ice was reported on the Upper West Side.

And in midtown.

The Buildings Department has reminded property owners and contractors that they're responsible for securing their buildings and making sure icicles and melting snow is safely cleared. But don't count on them to do the right thing—at this point, anywhere there's sky and gravity is a place you're going to want to wear a helmet and pray to the ice gods for mercy.