Here's the thing about Pokémon Go that only Poké masters will understand: when you talk about catching 'em all, you're catching every motherfucking one of 'em. Gonna reveal your cheating heart if you snag one? Sorry, love waits for no Pokéman. Gotta romp around a graveyard? Can do! Going up a tree IN a cemetery with no plan on how to get down? As one New Jersey woman showed us, that's absolutely the right thing to do.

ABC7 reports that a woman playing Pokémon Go in Clarksboro New Jersey's Eglington Cemetery went up a tree to catch a Pokémon, only to realize she couldn't get herself down once she was up there. As a result she had to be picked out of the tree by the East Greenwhich Township Fire and Rescue, like a cat or a kite.

The local fire department took everything in stride, but also reminded people to "take heed of all of the warnings and be careful not to put yourself into bad situations" while playing Pokémon Go. That being said, if we see a Pokémon hanging off the edge of the Brooklyn Bridge, will we hang off the bridge to get it? Believe that.