2008_05_hartlewis.jpgA 27-year-old woman was dead found with her throat slashed yesterday morning. And police say that she was killed while putting her 1-year-old son into his car seat yesterday morning.

According to the police, Aisha Bristol was at her car at Hart Street and Lewis Avenue in Bedford-Stuyvesant when she was attacked. A witness said, "I was awoken by someone screaming, 'Please, somebody help me! Somebody help me!' Then I heard the baby."

Police found a kitchen knife near the scene and later received a call from a man who confessed. The Daily News reports that the suspect, a personal trainer who may have been romantically involved with Bristol, "ingested poison" after the call and was rushed to the hospital. The cops described their relationship as "on again, off again and lately it's been off."

Bristol was a part-time student at Medgar Evers College and had worked at JFK airport. A friend said, "I watched her grow up. She was a very good girl. She was always working."