After not hearing from her for two days, the worried parents of a 26-year-old woman went to her West Brighton apartment and found her dead. The Staten Island Advance reports Caroline Wimmer was "beaten nearly beyond recognition and apparently strangled with an electrical cord" of a hair dryer.

Wimmer's mother Maria Wimmer told the Advance, "Her door was open, I walked in and saw the body...I saw her on the floor, it didn't look like her. Beaten up, all swollen. Just horrible." The police haven't determined whether it was a murder, according to the Daily News, neighbors apparently heard women arguing outside the apartment on Saturday and mentioned that Wimmer had trouble with an ex-boyfriend. While there were no signed of forced entry to the apartment, the apartment was apparently in "disarray." The police have no suspects so far.

It seems that Wimmer last logged onto her MySpace page on Friday; her message, "I will survive whatever life has to throw at me, I am ready and stronger than ever. Nothing or nobody will hold me back." Her father told the Advance he thought he knew who may have killed her, "She was a good kid, I don't know what else to say. I want her back. And I want to catch the person who did it," while Maria Wimmer said, "She was always trying to solve everyone's problems, and as far as I'm concerned she got into the middle of two lovers."