Last October, there was shock and outraged after two 12-year-old boys tossed a shopping cart from a fourth story walkway and hit a woman, who was left in critical condition and a medically-induced coma. The victim, Marion Salmon Hedges, a real estate broker and active volunteer at numerous organizations, had come to the East Harlem shopping complex to buy Halloween candy for needy children. Now, the Post reports that Hedges "bears no ill will" towards the boys.

According to the Post, "The troubled Harlem kids are, after all, the very people Marion Hedges has spent her life trying to help, the source [said]... 'Her concerns are more about the economic conditions that created that situation — what’s going on with these moms?' he said." The friend added that Hedges, who was brain-damaged in the incident and has short-term memory loss, hopes the incident will raise concern for underprivileged youth, "The key to her is for people to give their time to those in need."

The two boys pleaded guilty in Family Court to reduced felony assault charges; the judge was concerned with what adults were supposedly supervising them.