A small business owner in Brooklyn Heights took to the streets in April and taped an envelope filled with 15 business cards onto a Court Street lamppost. That is, of course, not legal... but it also doesn't seem quite right that the sanitation worker who fined her wrote out a separate summons for each card in the envelope!

Now Susan Hager is fighting the fines, and she told the Brooklyn Paper, “It said I’ll be paying a minimum of $75 for each card, and I could ultimately pay up to $3,000 for the whole deal. I don’t mind paying $75, but $3,000?” A Sanitation spokesman declared, “If you post 20 cards on one pole or multiple poles, it’s 20 different infractions.”

The paper also recalls that the Mom and Pops were against Bloomberg's third-term re-election, noting that he hasn't done much for small businesses... expect hand out too many "gotcha" tickets.