2008_11_charger.jpgThe police arrested a serial rapist suspected of raping a woman on Staten Island over the weekend. The Advance reports NYPD received a tip on their CrimeStoppers hotline and picked up 23-year-old Thomas Fields, who was picked out of a line-up. Also: "Sources told the Advance the woman fought back during the rape by jabbing her iPod charger into Fields' neck. He still bore two prong marks on the neck from the charger." Fields had grabbed the victim and dragged her behind a church. A neighbor who heard the woman's screams call 911; when police arrived, Fields allegedly said, "It's cool. She's my girl," before escaping, but leaving behind a yellow jacket with Sylvester the Cat on it. Fields raped two women when he was 15; he was convicted and sentenced in 2001 and released on parole last year.