And for your depressing animal abuse story of the day we turn to Newark, where 25-year-old Haniyyah Barnes has been accused of grabbing a two-year-old Shih Tzu by the throat and hurling the poor pooch into oncoming traffic. According to prosecutors, Barnes had been fighting with the dog's owner over a parking space.

The incident took place last August. According to authorities Barnes kicked in the door of the dog's owner to confront the woman about a parking space. At that point the pup, named Honey Bey, entered the room and barked at the person harassing its owner—as dogs are wont to do. But according to Newark police Barnes didn't like the interruption, grabbed the dog and threw it into the traffic—where it was run over and killed.

Luckily a police officer was nearby, saw what happened and arrested Barnes. She was indicted yesterday on charges of third-degree animal cruelty, theft and criminal mischief and second degree burglary and is set to be arraigned in Superior Court on June 18.

And now we're going to go and try and feel better about the world by looking at some cute rescue dog pictures again.