A retired NYPD officer was fatally struck by a driver on Thanksgiving in a chaotic crash that left over 10 people injured.

The victim in Thursday's incident has been identified as 56-year-old Yvette Molina, who retired in 2008 from the NYPD’s applicant processing division after 25 years on the force. Molina, who grew up in Brooklyn with her parents and six siblings, had survived breast cancer 15 years ago, she provided a home for local stray cats, and twice a week drove worshippers to her church. She had no children, but lived with one of her sisters and treated her nieces and nephews (and grand nieces and nephews) like them.

"She just wanted to stay home," Janna Bolt, Molina's niece, told the News, noting her aunt spent Thanksgiving at home instead of joining her relatives for dinner like usual. "Why did she stay home? She was so loving. She was so caring. I just can’t believe it."

Police say that Michael McBean, 24, was driving his white Mercedes-Benz on Pennsylvania Ave. in East New York around 7:15 p.m. Thursday night when he struck a driver in a Nissan Murano that was stopped at a stop light. McBean then allegedly tried to flee in his car, and struck Molina, who was getting into her vehicle at the time. Molina was taken to Brookdale Hospital, where she was declared dead.

Below, you can see graphic surveillance video of Molina being struck, via the Post.

After hitting her, McBean hit at least three other cars as he tried to leave the scene. Prosecutor Robert Schwartz said that 10 or 11 people were hurt during the incident, including a 1-year-old.

After abounding his car, McBean then fled on foot, and witnesses say he attempted to carjack several people. Cops say he tried to pull a driver out on one car and steal the vehicle, to no avail. "He was just trying to run on the other side [of the street] to try and open people's car doors as they're driving...like it was Grand Theft Auto," witness Tianna Humphrey told the Daily News. "It was just so crazy."

The Times explains what happened after McBean was taken into custody: "Chased by emergency medical workers who happened to be nearby, Mr. McBean ran from the scene but did not get far before the police arrested him, the authorities said. Mr. Schwartz recounted at the arraignment an account by a witness that Mr. McBean had tried to grab the firearms of two officers at the hospital where he was treated for injuries."

McBean has been charged with attempted robbery, leaving the scene of an accident which resulted in a death, obstruction of governmental administration, and disorderly conduct.

McBean’s lawyer, Douglas Rankin, told reporters that his client "had a psychotic break" a month ago, and had spent eight days on medication at Kings County Hospital Center. He added that McBean's family had called 911 the night of the incident to beg cops to arrest him because they were “afraid of what he might do."

A woman identified as the suspect's mother told the News, "You know, he’s sick. He had a problem, so he was on medication ... He don’t know what he’s doing."