Yesterday afternoon, a 23-year-old woman was fatally stabbed in an attack that started in a car and continued after she ran into the street.

Apparently the victim, Amarita Khan, was meeting her husband, Nazier Khan, 25, at a relative's house at 1538 Hone Avenue in The Bronx to discuss their marriage around 6 p.m. According to the Post, "the husband lost his cool and took the knife to his wife, cops said."

The couple had been sitting in a car when Nazier Khan allegedly used a gravity knife to attack his wife. Then she ran out into the driveway and onto the street, where neighbors were getting ready for a party.

One neighbor told the Daily News, "We heard the screaming, but we thought it was the kids playing. Nothing like that ever happens here, so we didn’t think much about it (initially)."

Nazier Khan continued to stab his wife, witnesses say. When police arrived, he was reportedly standing over his wife's body. Nazier Khan's mother told the Post her son, a TSA supervisor, has bi-polar disorder: "I was shocked. I never think he is capable of this. He’s a quiet boy, a good boy. No smoking, no drinking, always just working. I never expected my son would do something like this... He a very quiet boy, very keep to himself. Never tell nobody nothing, just `Good morning and good afternoon.’"

She added that her daughter-in-law had been cheating, and that her son "love her so much.” The couple had two children.

Nazier Khan was taken into custody. The Post has photos of him covered in blood and then collapsing onto a sidewalk.