A love triangle turned deadly when a woman ran over a boyfriend with her SUV in Brooklyn. Twenty-five-year-old Janine Harrington turned herself into the police for running over Jeffrey Moore, whose child Harrington is pregnant with, according to Moore's relatives. A witness said Harrington hit Moore with a Nissan Pathfinder near the Chauncey Street and Rockaway Avenue early yesterday morning. Then she ran over him and backed up to drive over Moore again.

A neighbor who saw Harrington trying to remove the bike from the SUV told the Daily News, "I told her to leave the bike. And I asked what happened. She said, 'I hit someone!' I said, 'Wait a minute, let me call the police.' She said, 'No, I gotta go!'" And the Post reports that other witnesses told her to stay. Harrington drove home, and reportedly her live-in boyfriend called the police on her before she went to the precinct to turn herself in.

Harrington was charged with second-degree murder and criminal possession of a weapon (the SUV). Moore's sister, Jade Oliver, told the Post that Harrington thought Moore had cheated on her and had tried to run him over before: "She comes down a one-way street on the sidewalk to murder somebody. This ain't the first time. So she finally succeeded." Oliver added to the News, "I told [my brother] to leave that woman alone. You don't need to be with her. She already had a man!"