2008_10_eleva.jpgA day after the city announced it would spend $112 million to improve elevators in public housing, a woman fell 10-12 feet down an empty elevator at the East River Houses in East Harlem. Jolanda Joyce, 28, told NY1 said, "I turned around to get my phone from a friend and I opened the elevator door and I took a step and I just fell. There was no elevator there." She also said to the Daily News, "I just didn't want the elevator to come down and kill me." Joyce has severe bruising all over her body and will need physical therapy; NY1 also notes her claim is being investigated: "Sources also cited witnesses who observed Joyce and her companion forcibly opening the elevator doors when the elevator was not present." The NYC Housing Authority refused to release the building's elevator maintenance records. In August, a 5-year-old trying to escape a stalled public housing elevator fell to his death.