2005_08_mayorbbores.jpgA woman passed out not once but twice during the Mayor's press conference about Summer Success Academy. During the woman's second collapse, Mayor Bloomberg actually "rushed to her side," perhaps concerned how it would look if a constituent, though a government employee in the Department of Education, fainted twice during his speech. And luckily the woman woke up a few seconds later - no need for CPR or anything! No word on whether or not the paramedics checked on other audience members (they could have been doing the "sleep with eyes open" thing), but the woman will be fine. [Related: The NY Times on how it has been hard for the Mayor's rivals to challenge him on education issues.]

In other political news: The NY Times breaks down the Gifford Miller-Anthony Weiner rivalry (because they are both white men!). The best quote is from political consultant: "They're going after their own base, and they're getting under each other's skin. I think Anthony has a way of getting under your skin. I mean, here is an outer-borough needler going against a suave Manhattanite, and suddenly the suave Manhattanite feels that he has to defend himself and show this outer-borough guy what this is all about." And Miller doesn't want to talk about his kids' schooling anymore, probably because his kids will be going to private school. But really, the remarks between Miller and Weiner are kind of hilarious, in that school yard name calling way.

And Fernando Ferrer has made up with the Bronx "Democratic boss," Jose Rivera, after he criticized Rivera's possibly anti-Semitic rermarks. Apparently, the make-up happened during a block party, with Ferrer saying, "This is the greatest barbecue I've ever seen!" Unfortunately, the Post didn't have many details about the food aside from hot dogs and ice cream.