A woman was arrested this weekend after she drove into oncoming traffic and hit a Port Authority officer to avoid going through the Lincoln Tunnel and into New Jersey.

Amber Johnson, who hails from Clarksville, Tennessee but is an army sergeant stationed at the World Trade Center, drove her car into the Manhattan side of the Lincoln Tunnel around 7 p.m. on Sunday, according to authorities.

She reportedly told officers near the start of the tunnel that she made a mistake and didn't want to go to NJ and she was going to turn around, but she was told she had to go through to the other side to do so. Instead, she spun the car around, struck an officer with her car, and drove into oncoming traffic, running at least one red light in the wrong direction. She was chased by police both in her car and then on foot before she was arrested.

Johnson, 30, has been charged with assault, unlawful fleeing and other traffic violations. The officer she struck was treated at an area hospital for a wrist injury.