Newsday reports, "A Woodmere woman poured lighter fluid on her estranged husband's baby and throughout his Hewlett Bay Park home in a failed attempt to kill him, his fiancee and the baby because she was angry over money and custodial issues." Esther Hershko was arrested on Wednesday, after neighbors noticed a strange car (her SUV) backed into another driveway. According to the Post, "Esther Hershko, who suffers from cancer and has been separated from her husband for six years," had poured Kingsford charcoal lighter fluid all over her husband's bedroom floor and "then calmly walked outside, possibly to retrieve more lighter fluid and matches or a lighter, all of which were found nearby." Apparently the fumes from the lighter fluid caused her estranged husband Itzhak Hershko's dog to go into seizures, which also alerted Itzhak Hershko. It's unclear whether Esther Hershko knew her son was also in the house, as well as the son's cousin. She was charged with five counts of second-degree attempted murder, first-degree burglary, second-degree attempted arson and fourth-degree. Itzhak Hershko said his baby is fine; the dog is also expected to recover.