An explosion that triggered a two-alarm fire in a Bronx home on Tuesday killed one woman and critically injured seven others, Mayor Eric Adams said.

The explosion occurred before 11 a.m. at a three-story attached house at 869 Fox Street in the neighborhood of Longview. Roughly 200 firefighters and EMS workers, along with NYPD officers arrived at the scene where they proceeded to evacuate residents.

The blast marked the second recent tragedy in the Bronx. Last Sunday, a five-alarm fire of a high-rise residential building in Tremont section killed 17 people, including eight children. It was New York City’s deadliest fire in more than 30 years.

Martha Dagbasta, a 77-year-old resident died at Jacobi Hospital as a result of Tuesday's explosion, according to police. Two other women, an 82-year-old and 68-year-old, were also found at the scene and taken to Jacobi. Both are currently in stable condition, officials said.

John Hodgens, the FDNY’s acting chief of operations, said two of the women were sisters and were found lying outside the building.

“Our actions saved lives,” Adams said of the first responders.

Body-worn camera footage released by the NYPD shows an officer rushing into the home, joining fellow officers to rescue one of the occupants, found lying on the floor underneath a sofa and other debris.

Five police officers who responded to the fire also sustained injuries.

City officials said an investigation was still ongoing and they could not yet identify the cause of the explosion. But Hodgens said in the morning someone had reported the smell of gas in the area.

Earlier in the day, Rafael Salamanca, a City Council member who represents the neighborhood, tweeted a video of the fire. He said his staff were assisting victims at St. Athanasius Church.

Following the explosion, Con Edison turned off gas to buildings along Fox Street between Intervale Avenue and Tiffany Street, according to Salamanca.

Adams said city officials were hoping to have gas restored quickly.

This story has been updated with additional information.