Earlier this morning a woman died after her SUV flipped on a Bronx highway, before 4 a.m. The incident, which happened near the New England Thruway, is being investigated as a homicide—and the suspect is the 20-year-old woman's boyfriend, who allegedly ran her off the road in his car.

According to PIX 11, the "man pursued his girlfriend on a high speed chase at about 4 a.m down a ramp on Pelham Parkway in his green taxi onto the the Northbound New England Thruway. After ramming her SUV near Co-op City, causing it to flip, the man jumped out of his car and stabbed her to death."

The boyfriend, who was apparently driving a green outer borough taxi (you can see it in the above image), was taken into police custody.

Update: Police say that when they arrived at the scene, they found the victim with "multiple stab wounds to the neck and torso."