A 22-year-old woman has been indicted for allegedly fatally stabbing her pregnant friend and then cutting the fetus out of her womb. Suspect Ashleigh Wade has pleaded not guilty to murder, kidnapping and criminal possession of a weapon in the Nov. 20th death of 22-year-old Angelique Sutton.

Wade initially told cops at the scene that it was her baby, but it soon came out that Wade had repeatedly stabbed Sutton (who was eight and a half months pregnant at the time), then cut out the child, who survived the incident and has since been named Genesis.

"I sat there thinking about my child that died and thought that I couldn’t have any more children so I rescued the baby," Wade told cops after she was arrested, the Post reports. "Once she was out I fed her and wrapped her in some blankets to keep her warm. Holding her felt right and I believed that the little girl was mine."

Wade and Sutton were childhood friends who had reconnected on Facebook prior to the incident; they had gone out shopping for baby clothes together, among other things. In the months leading up to the stabbing, Wade apparently had convinced her friends and family, including her boyfriend Angel Praylow, that she was pregnant; Praylow had even been posting pictures of baby clothes and sonograms on Facebook.

Wade claimed to cops that Sutton had cornered her in her apartment on the day of the incident for treating her badly in elementary school. "I kicked the knife out of her hand and grabbed it and started stabbing her," Wade reportedly told cops. "She fell and was still grabbing after me so I continued stabbing her until she stopped moving."

As for lying about being pregnant beforehand, Wade later told cops, "I made a huge mistake to continue going on with something that wasn’t true, but I wanted it to be true so badly that I let it cloud my judgement." Wade faces up to 50 years to life in prison if convicted.