A Manhattan woman claims that her neighbor brutally hacked her rescue dog to death with a meat cleaver last week. Inwood resident Laura Simpson, who founded Karma Pet Rescue, said that her pit bull mix Grumpy had been tired up to a banister in her building last Friday when her neighbor Weimer Espinosa's dog ran up to it off-the-leash. Grumpy latched onto the other dog's cheek, and Simpson was about to open up his jaw when Espinosa allegedly ran over with a meat cleaver and hacked the dog. "He cut him from his tail to his collar and all the way down to his lungs," Simpson wrote on Facebook.

Since then, Simpson claims she's been ignored by her local police department and the ASPCA; she also is angry at the NY Post for how they reported her story. You can read her full account of the incident here:

I had to rush him to the Animal Medical Center and he died at 2:33am. The responding officers on the morning of the 7th did not ask any of the 20 witnesses what happened or take pics of the pools and pools of blood or interview the super. I had to go the emergency room the next day all day from my injuries and then i went into to ask the 34th precinct what I should do to get a report. They told me to call 911.

I called 911 two times on Sunday at 1:09pm and again at 8:11pm to get a report done. No one responding. I called again on Monday at 2:22pm and finally at 6:30pm two officers arrived. They refused to do a report and claim that a crime did not occur. I asked for the supervisor and then 15 min. later two more officers arrived. I told them that I needed his full name so I could get an order of protect. I showed him all my injuries and finally they reluctantly agreed to go speak with him. After 10 min they returned and told me he was not in and "i asked her (his wife) to come up to resolve this but she cannot leave the apt." This is after I had just told the officer that I was filing an order of protection. I told want them to know where I live! That is endangering my life. Still they refuse to file any report.

Bldg management gave me his name. Everyone in the bldg is horrified as they loved Grumpy. I have left 3 messages for the ASPCA cruelty line and have not heard from them. My super has pics of the blood bath and the bloody meat cleaver. I am beyond devastated and just so sad that the polilce refuse to do anything. This man is a danger to his neighbors. He apparently has an extensive record.

Police had no information about the allegations, and a spokesperson from Animal Care and Control told us they have no record of this incident. Simpson added yesterday that she has been in contact with the DA's office: "So this are finally moving towards justice I hope."