The NYPD is being accused of another sexual assault case involving two of its officers, this one in a suit by a Queens woman who claims she was sodomized inside a precinct bathroom stall by a cop while another officer held watch outside. The woman claims she was brought to a police station last February by Detective Oscar Sandino following a drug raid of her apartment. On the ride over, she alleges Sandino threatened that her children would be taken away and alluded that the only way to smooth things over was to have sex with him. Once back at the station, she says he barged in on her while she was in a bathroom stall, ordered her to take her pants down and said, "Wow, you have an earring down there," before groping and sodomizing her. Sandino is a married father of two and was placed on modified duty last March. He told the Post, "I am not a rapist." Police sources say that the woman's previous complaints to Internal Affairs were only about inappropriate comments and calls made by Sandino. The Elmhurst woman says that she once met up with Sandino wearing a wire, but that he caught on and merely threatened her.