We've heard some nutty co-op stories before—from the one that told a war vet to get rid of his service dog to another that was allegedly anti-gay—but here's the newest in co-op lawsuits: The co-op that supposedly rejected a buyer because she was... pregnant.

According to the Post, Manhattan resident Elena Slukina had the winning bid for an apartment at 36 Hamilton Avenue in Staten Island. When she interviewed with them, she was "visibly pregnant" and was "grill[ed]" about her family planning.

According to her court papers, the board's president, Maria Civile, and others "expressed their concern that a child growing up in the building might affect other tenants’ peace and quiet... Although there are a few families with kids already living there, Civille claimed that thin walls and floors mean noise travels easily and that she was reluctant to approve an application 'that would bring a potentially noisy child in [an] otherwise quiet co-op.'” We wonder if the board also asked whether she'll follow attachment parenting!

The suit says the board rejected her application and has been looking for a new buyer. Slukina has won a temporary restraining order.