An unidentified woman who hailed a cab with her fiance in SoHo early Saturday morning claims the driver assaulted them after informing them his credit card machine wasn't working. "It is a story of violence and violation," CBS 2 anchorwoman Cindy Hsu warns viewers before airing the exclusive report, which is narrated with dramatic gravitas by reporter Scott Rapaport. "Dark bruises on her body, her jaw swollen and read, her forearm marked and raw: the victim of a beating."

The woman refused to reveal her name or show her face because she's afraid "the man who did this is still out there." She says that after proceeding two blocks, the cab driver informed them his credit card machine wasn't working. They offered to pay cash if he stopped at an ATM, but instead, they allege, the driver pulled over at Prince and Elizabeth, dragged the man out of the cab by his tie, and then beat the woman.

"He’s screaming he doesn’t trust anyone, he doesn’t trust anyone,” she tells CBS 2. "He punched me in the face. Square in the face with a fist. Knocked me off my feet and knocked me out." The driver sped off before anyone could stop him. Now, she says, "My jaw is swollen up. I can’t open it. There’s a ringing in my ear. My eye muscles are swollen and throbbing."

The couple called the police, and the NYPD is reportedly searching for the driver. A spokesperson for the TLC did not immediately respond to a request for comment, but this isn't the first known incident of a cab driver getting violent due to an argument over the credit card machine. Not long after cabs began taking plastic, there were multiple allegations of cabbies assaulting passengers.

But here's an example of how you can stand up to a cab driver when the situation hasn't become violent. No matter what happens, try to get the medallion number, which is visible in several places including along the sides of the vehicle, on the license plate and on the roof light.