While Brooklyn Nets player Andray Blatche denies knowing anything about the alleged sexual assault in a Philadelphia hotel room he reserved under his name, the 21-year-old accuser says otherwise. In an interview with ABC's Philadelphia affiliate, she said, "He was not oblivious. He was aware the whole time."

The NY Post reports, "ABC-6 Philadelphia reported that cops found date-rape drugs in the suite and compromising photos of the alleged victim on his cellphone, although the affiliate later amended the report to say the police were unsure of the substance."

Blatche and three of his friends met up with three women, apparently strippers at the gentlemen's club Delilah's, while celebrating his contract extension with the Nets on Monday night. The group went back to the Four Seasons hotel in Philadelphia, where Blatche had a room for his friends. Hours later, a woman claimed that she was assaulted.

The accuser, who was also described as a college student, told ABC 6, "It was like I was asleep, but you know I was still conscious. I heard everything that was around me, but I couldn't, you know I couldn't move…. and not long after that, that was when the first guy came in. And it was like he rolled over and had his way... And then the other guy came in, the short one with the dreads, and then he had his way."

Blatche said yesterday, "Y'all will hear the truth sooner or later. When the time comes and I can talk about it, everybody will realize it's not what you think." The accuser, though, says that Blatche "peeked in the room just like the other two. He just didn't... he came in [but] he didn't have intercourse with me."

The Philadelphia Police Commissioner told the NY Times that the accuser was very "intoxicated" and wouldn't make a good witness, but then the Philadelphia Police have shut up about the case. No one has been charged yet.