2006_11_suv.jpgThis morning, there was a horrific accident in Brooklyn involving two SUVs that left a 5 year old dead at the scene. At the intersection of Flatbush and Glenwood, a green Ford Explorer hit a GMC Yukon. WABC 7 says the Explorer "took down a parking meter and jumped a curb, striking the mother and her four kids." One witness told WABC 7, "She comes around illegally, hits the...black SUV, try to escape from that accident. She swerves and comes on the sidewalk and mauls down the whole family."

Five year old Christopher Dorce was killed on impact. Then the driver tried to leave the scene! So another driver followed her and stopped her, and she "supposedly had a heart attack." Driver Bertilde Gabriel was hospitalized for chest pains, but is now in police custody. And Dorce's mother is in critical condition; his siblings are in stable condition.