Oh no— woman in Prospect Heights has been caught flippin' kitties! According to the Brooklyn Paper, a woman going by the name "Unique" appears to have sifted through Craigslist ads for free kittens, only to turn around and sell them to make a profit. Louise Holmes found this out the hard way, when she let the woman adopt her two gray kittens—asking that she return them to her if she ended up not wanting them.

Holmes says a friend warned her of the Craigslist cat-scammer soon after, as she was recently tricked by her as well. After doing some research, Holmes eventually got in touch with "Unique," who admitted to selling the cats for $50 each.

"Unique" wrote in an error-riddled email to Holmes: “I just decide to find them homes. You still gave them away to me for free, no contract, once in my hand their [sic] initially mines. That means if I wanted to give them to my nieces, stranger walking the street, dad, or grandmother thats initially on me... I’m not gonna sit here going back and fourth with you, then get excited and have an asthma attack.”