A woman from Long Island was able to board a LaGuardia-bound flight at an Atlanta airport with a different passenger's boarding pass last month, proving that all the naked X-ray machines in the world can't stand a chance against the Power of Reading Comprehension.

According to CBS 2, Syosset resident Donna Gold boarded a plane at Hartsfield-Jackson Airport in Atlanta on August 21st with a boarding pass bearing the name "Mark Dornan." Gold, who had her boarding pass printed at a curbside desk at the airport, told the station she didn't notice the error until the real Dornan tried to claim his seat. "I was asked to get up, and, ‘Can I see your boarding pass?’ And I, ‘Oh sure.’ I take out my boarding pass,” she said. “And they’re are like, ‘This is not your boarding pass.’ They tell me I’m a security breach. It was actually very humiliating."

Gold says she was able to bypass three security checks with Dornan's pass, and at least one Transportation Security Administration agent checked her driver's license at pre-check. "The agent asked me to remove my sunglasses — checking my driver’s license, supposedly, against this boarding pass — and I removed my sunglasses and he ushered me right through,” she said, adding that she also had to hand over her driver's license to receive her boarding pass in the first place, and that the pass was checked again at the gate.

Gold, who was luckily permitted to fly back to New York, says her luggage was also tagged with the erroneous pass.

Though neither the TSA nor Delta Airlines have responded to our requests for comment, Delta told CBS 2 that a computer glitch may have been the initial culprit. A TSA spokesperson told the station that Gold shouldn't have been able to get past the pre-check agent, so it sounds like somebody's in trouble.

Reminder: you still can't bring a full bottle of conditioner on a plane.