2006_10_branded.jpgLast Sunday, a woman got some crazy revenge on an old lover. According to the NY Post, the police believe 21 year old Kristina Caban convinced an old fling to go back to a hotel where two guys branded him with an "R". A police source explained, "They had sex several years ago and she was angry because he didn't contact her."

Caban and Sara met at Half King on West 23rd, and then went back to the dingy Chelsea Inn. There, two men attacked him, taking his cellphone and $10. They tied Sara up with duct tape, pulled his pants down, branded him, and left. Sara "bit through the tape and began screaming, alerting a guest in the next room."

Caban was arrested and held on charges of kidnapping, robbery and assault. One of the men involved in the attack is Robert Testagrossa, son of a Queens prosecutor and Nassau County prosecutor. Testagrossa, who allegedly claimed he was a Long Island police officer during the attack, was charged with "robbery, unlawful imprisonment, assault with disfigurement, kidnapping and criminal impersonation."

The Post also asked Sara for a comment, but reports that he was embarrassed, saying, "Nobody needs to know what happened to me - it's nobody's business."