After deciding a 4-year-old Brooklyn boy's Friday death was suspicious, due to the bruising on his body, police have now charged his mother and her boyfriend with second-degree murder. Myrna Chen Phang, 25, and Steven Dadaille, 26, allegedly beat little Jayden Lenescar for two days, using their fists, a clothes hanger and belt. The boy's grieving father Mackenzy Lenescar said, "The only way I will feel anything is if someone could bring my son back."

Phang had called 911 on Friday afternoon, because Jayden was unconscious; he was later pronounced dead at the hospital. According to the Daily News, "Phang and Dadaille... implicated each other in the child's ghastly death, according to sources. Each gave finger-pointing written and video statements asserting their innocence and blaming the other before police charged both of them with the murder, sources said." However, Dadaille told reporters, as he was being escorted from the precinct, "I didn't kill no baby."

Police had initially questioned Lenescar, but determined he was not involved. He tells the News he last saw his son two weeks ago and, according to the Post, attempted to speak with his son on the phone on Thursday night, but Phang claimed he was sleeping. He said, "He was only 4 years old. We didn't have enough time together. He was a quiet boy. He was a good boy. He didn't deserve this." And his sister was shocked, "I can't understand it. Myrna's a good mother, I can't think that anything would get her so mad that she'd beat him like that."