2008_11_anbad.jpgOn Saturday, a Merrick woman and her boyfriend, a personal trainer, were charged with assaulting her 6-year-old son. Newsday reports that Nassau police knocked on their door and called, but no one answered, so "emergency services officers broke down the door and found the boy crying in a bedroom, with cuts and bruises on his leg, buttocks and groin area." It's believed he was beaten with a weight-lighting belt. Jessica Muniz, 29, is being held on $50,000 bond and Anthony Badalamenti, 31, (pictured) who gained some fame after helping a man lose 186 for The Biggest loser, is being held on $100,000 bond. Their landlord was the one who called; he said he had heard the boy crying for a month, but when he heard screams on Friday, "The child was pleading for mercy. I said, 'That's it, I can't take it anymore.'"