A woman between Inwood Hill Park and Isham Park was violently attacked and robbed by a group of teenagers in the middle of the afternoon yesterday, a brazen act that left neighborhood residents shaken.

“I thought it was a fight between teenagers at first,” said one witness. “It was shocking to see, they kept lifting her head by the hair and bashing her head against the sidewalk.” The victim was crossing a pathway between Seaman Avenue and Park Terrace West, between Isham and 214th Streets, around 3 p.m. when a group of approximately 10 teenagers surrounded her, began taunting her, pulled her hair and threw her to the ground before running off with her iPhone. Police busted the group of teens a few blocks away and arrested one of them, though they are still looking for other involved. The victim was taken away from the park in an ambulance and was later released.

The area around Inwood Park has been at the center of several attacks recently—after a spate of muggings last year, a group of concerned residents started a citizen foot patrol; earlier this summer, a series of sexual assaults in Washington Heights and Inwood rocked the area; and just last month, an off-duty cop was accused of raping a woman near the intersection of Park Terrace West and West 217th Street. One resident told DNA info after yesterday's attack, "This isn’t an isolated attack, we’ve been battling this kind of issue for years now. What will it take, someone getting killed before someone does something about it?”