A woman turned herself in to police in the Bronx yesterday to face charges that she punched a 10-year-old in the face inside a bodega back in August. East New York resident Jathiyah Richards, 47, came to the Norwood precinct to answer for the August 19th attack which left a boy, identified as Mohammed Almontsir, with a nosebleed.

Surveillance video of the incident, which you can see below, shows a woman excoriating Mohammed, pointing in his face, and shaking her fist at him. A woman with the suspect appears to try to hold her back, then gives up.

10-Year-Old Assaultedby Gothamist

Subsequent video obtained by News12 shows the woman backing Mohammed down and batting at his face. As he rounds a corner in the store, he throws a gallon of water at her to slow her advance, but she quickly slams it to the ground and stalks after him as he runs down the aisle.

According to Almontsir's father and the bodega's owner, Ibrahim Almontsir, the attack was precipitated by Mohammed asking a female clerk for bags he'd forgotten.

"You should have manners. Say, 'Please, can I please have the bag?'" the elder Almontsir recalled Richards saying. "You should mind your own business," Mohammed replied, according to News12.

"Mohammed is traumatized by what happened to him," Ibrahim told News12. "Since that happened, it's very hard even for me to bring him back this way. And now he thinks everyone that says hi to him or tries to talk to him is just going to attack him as that person did."

Richards is charged with assault, endangering the welfare of a minor, and menacing.