A Connecticut woman was arrested this week after she allegedly left her four-month-old baby in her car while she went to the gym for an hour—and then allegedly left the infant in her vehicle again for another half an hour.

Authorities say 46-year-old Hiroko Kurihara was arrested Wednesday after a woman heard a baby screaming inside a Toyota parked in a Norwalk parking garage. The car was locked, and the woman, who worked at a nearby daycare center, called for help. "I called my boss… I’m like ‘come outside, somebody left a baby.’ And when she got out here she was like let’s call the cops," she told CBS News.

Police and firefighters struggled to open the door until Kurihara showed up and unlocked it herself. She was arrested and the baby was retrieved. "You could tell [the baby] was in distress. She was sweaty when they took her out of the car,” Jen Pennucci, director of the nearby daycare, told reporters. “She was relatively happy once we started talking to her.”

Kurihara was reportedly working out at a Crunch gym in the area when she left the baby—officials say that was the second time she'd been to the gym that day, and claim she left the child in the car earlier that morning.

The infant was transported to a local hospital and then released back to her father. Kurihara faces two counts of injury to a minor and two counts of leaving a child unattended in a car.