A Bronx woman has been arrested and charged with fatally stabbing her husband in a homeless shelter. According to police, Patricia Nimmons, 55, is accused of stabbing her 50-year-old husband in the torso inside the homeless shelter room they shared on Prospect Avenue around 9 p.m. Friday night. "I heard them fighting, there were pots falling and I heard them scuffling around," neighbor Jake Pankey told the News. "Then I heard one of them say 'Be quiet. Be quiet.' After that there was nothing. No sound. Then I saw the EMTs show up, then the police."

The man was rushed to Lincoln Medical Center with Nimmons by his side, where he died. "When the ambulance came and they put him in she got in with them," said witness Rosemary Nieves. "She looked scared. Her eyes were really wide. She looked nervous and scared." Nieves added that Nimmons has a history of mental issues: "He would cook Jamaican food in the kitchen...he was a decent man. He got up and worked," Nieves said. "His wife was a different story though. She wasn't all there."

Nimmons has been charged with second degree murder, manslaughter and criminal possession of a weapon.

Update: According to DNAInfo, Nimmons told cops that her husband had come home from work shortly before the incident, and the two got into a heated argument. She said that her husband had picked up a stick and started to beat her with it, so she stabbed him in self-defense.