A fight outside a Long Island bar resulted in a shooting—and a drunk driving arrest for the woman who was driving a shooting victim to the hospital. Suffolk County police say that Nyasha Hunter, 21, was driving on Sunrise Service Road when she crashed her car into a guardrail at Saxon Avenue.

Inside was Jovan Bailey, who had been shot multiple times during an altercation outside Norton’s Bar and Grill in East Islip at 3:10 a.m. on Saturday. Hunter, Bailey, and two other passengers were taken to a hospital and treated. Then cops charged Hunter with DWI.

Suffolk County Det. Sgt. Tony Lavista said the police were still investigating the motive for the shooting, "We're looking to see exactly what transpired before and after this, who the people are involved in this incident—and obviously who did it." News 12 reported, "A neighbor says she heard a total of six shots. A News 12 Long Island reporter who arrived on the scene found a parking lot riddled with shell casings. Detectives later returned to the area and collected the evidence."