A Long Island woman was arrested after she allegedly called in a bomb threat at the Gansevoort Hotel for the sole purpose of getting cops to help her search for her missing purse.

The News reports that Lisa Ruberto was at the Gansevoort Hotel in the Meatpacking District on October 10th when she realized her purse, which had over $2,000 dollars in cash in it for car repairs, was missing. Police say she called 911 twice in a row, but she didn't mention the purse either time: first she said she was involved in some sort of family dispute, then she said "she thought a bomb might explode in the hotel."

When the first cops arrived, she allegedly admitted to making the false calls "because she figured police would get there quicker if they thought there was a bomb there."

And they actually took her stolen bag report immediately! The News writes: "She told police she put down her $130 Free People bag — though she couldn’t remember where she put it — and left it unattended, then realized it was gone."

She was then promptly arrested for reckless endangerment and issued a desk appearance ticket. Her mother told the News her daughter is a "good girl" who "made a poor judgment, a very poor judgment," adding, "I don’t think she realized what she did."