It's deja vu again: A Wisconsin woman visiting the 9/11 Memorial yesterday was arrested after a security guard screening her bag spotted a gun in the purse.

Ursula Jerry, 41, had a .380-caliber semi-automatic Kel-Tec gun in her purse. The Wall Street Journal reports, "The weapon had two rounds in the magazine-none were in the chamber, the official said." Jerry also told cops, "I travel with this from home on Amtrak to New York City. I don’t mean harm to anyone."

Jerry has a permit for the gun in Wisconsin, but not NYC. Responsible gun owners would know that New York City is really horrible and requires a NYC gun permit, which means out-of-towners are out of luck.

The Post is critical, "Jerry isn’t the first hick from the sticks to treat the WTC — and the city in general — site like an Old West saloon." A woman from Tennessee was arrested in 2011 for trying to check her gun at the 9/11 Memorial while folks from Georgia and Indiana have tried to bring guns to the Empire State Building. And a man from North Carolina was arrested for leaving his gun in a hotel lobby chair, because he didn't want to bring it to the 9/11 Memorial.