Police say they've caught the woman accused of violently robbing an elderly woman in September. The suspect, who shoved the 90-year-old woman onto a Manhattan sidewalk, allegedly told onlookers that she was the victim's "home health aide... before fleeing empty-handed."

Authorities charged Lillian Maduro, a 49-year-old Bronx resident, with second-degree robbery and assault for the September 27th incident. Police say that Maduro tried to take victim Gina Zuckerman's duffle bag from the cart near 5th Avenue and 12th Street, but Zuckerman fought back, prompting Maduro to allegedly knock Zuckerman to the ground while continuing to pull at the bag. Zuckerman refused, and the NYPD says that Maduro fled the scene.

After the robbery, Zuckerman told the Post that she had been on her way to the senior center when she was attacked. "I wouldn’t give it to her. I fought her off," she recalled. "I was stronger than her."

Police sources tell the Daily News that Maduro, who was arrested in 2014 on a drug dealing charge, was found because of DNA evidence.

Zuckerman, who received stitches for lacerations, was only carrying $10, but the bag had all of her documents. "I would have gladly given her $5" if the would-be robber asked, she told the Post.