2008_08_union1.jpg A 30-year-old Australian woman was arrested in Union Square yesterday when she did not heed police officers' warnings that a planned water fight event had been canceled. Cassandra Wu, in town for her 30th birthday, was arrested after spraying the crowd (including the officers) with a water bottle. "This is crazy and this would never happen in Australia," Wu's sister said.

The water fight, originally planned to celebrate the beginning of the three-week Street Wars tournament, had previously been canceled because of failure to obtain proper permits. After the arrest, dozens of people walked a few blocks east to Stuyvesant Square Park and had a water fight of their own without any trouble from police.

Just last Saturday, several arrests were made after Pandamonium broke out in Union Square and spilled over into Williamsburg.

Photograph by Tatyana Kildisheva on Flickr