A woman and her teenage son were found slain in a Bronx apartment on Sunday afternoon. Police have identified the victims as Marisol Ortiz, 51, and her 14-year-old son Alanche Delorbe, who would have reportedly turned 15 today.

The bodies were reportedly discovered by Ortiz's 22-year-old daughter, who went to the apartment at 775 East 185th Street to check on her mother after being informed she had not shown up for work.

"I just heard the daughter screaming,” upstairs neighbor Iris Rosa told the NY Post. “I didn’t hear no words. It was just ‘Ahhhhh!’ And then nothing."

Grieving relatives of the victims were seen outside the building on Sunday night. (Photo by Edwin Soto / Pride Photo)

Both Ortiz and her son were found with apparent head trauma; Ortiz's body was on the floor of her bedroom, and Alanche was found in bed in another room. Gym weights were reportedly found near both of their bodies, and police believe the weights may have been used to bludgeon the victims to death.

The NYC Medical Examiner is currently working to determine the cause of death.

Police sources told the Post Ortiz was also stabbed in the head, and the boy may have also been strangled. A bloody knife was reportedly found at the scene, and the Post's source said torn up money was found Ortiz's body.

No arrests have been made. ABC 7 reports that police are searching for Ortiz's boyfriend. According to the Post's sources, the boyfriend had previously been incarcerated for assault.

It's currently unclear when the murders occurred. One neighbor told NBC NY he heard screaming at 1 or 2 a.m., but mistook the noise for sounds of a party.