A woman seeking treatment at a hospital in Harlem was reportedly sexually assaulted by a fellow patient on Friday when she fell asleep in the emergency room, and sources say her molester was taken to Bellevue for psychiatric evaluation.

The Daily News reports that the 45-year old unidentified woman was at Harlem Hospital on Friday getting treated for a foot injury; she was given a painkiller, and fell asleep. Officials say when she woke up around 3 p.m., she found 49-year-old Harlem resident Tyrone Brown attacking her. "She woke up and he was over her, rubbing his penis on her mouth," a relative told the Daily News.

Relatives say when the woman tried to flee, Brown started to urinate on her; he was caught by hospital employees and charged with committing a criminal sex act by hospital cops. Cops say that Brown, who has a lengthy arrest record for charges that include grand larceny, was taken to Bellevue for psychiatric evaluation.

Relatives say the victim is concerned she has contracted a sexually transmitted disease. "She's just worried," her niece told the Daily News. "She's upset." The hospital has offered her their support and counseling services; we contacted DCPI for more information, but they claim they haven't heard anything about this incident.