Receiving a bad haircut can be an emotional experience. Common forms of expressing dislike for your ugly new 'do include not tipping, not smiling, and allowing the tears to flow freely from your eyes as the stylist wheels you around to show you "the back."

But 26-year-old Rachel Meyers was not content to just wear a hat for a couple weeks until her mane returned to its presumably impeccable state before last week's run-in with the stylists at one Financial District salon. Instead of responding with a firm "no" to the question, "do you like it?," Rachel Meyers allegedly opted instead to go on a violent rampage, screaming and hurling everything from shampoo bottles to chairs, having transformed from a human into some sort of high-maintenance, professionally-coiffed She Hulk.

According to DNAinfo, Meyers accused the employees of Century 27 Beauty Salon of "screwing up her hair" before launching her crazed attack, injuring a fellow customer in the process.

“The women in the salon kept trying to appease her. They took her over to the sink, apparently to try a different conditioner on her hair, which had somehow ended up with knots — and then all of a sudden, it seemed like she just really snapped," the 52-year-old victim said. “Suddenly this like 20-pound metal box was being hurled at my head, so I ducked and somehow it hit my leg. I don’t think she was throwing it at me — I was just in the way of this crazy scene. I felt like I was in a movie — it was that dramatic."

The alleged rampage lasted only a few minutes before police arrived, so Meyers was deprived the opportunity to flip over any semi-trucks or scale the nearby skyscrapers (for which activities we suggest a ponytail or tight braid). She has been charged with two counts of third-degree assault, fourth-degree criminal possession of a weapon and second-degree harassment, charges which could result in a year in jail, where she will finally get the luxurious hair care she deserves.