On Friday, a 22-year-old pregnant woman was fatally stabbed in The Bronx. Police have taken suspect Ashley Wade, also 22, into custody in connection to the murder—and they believe that after cutting the victim's throat, Wade performed a crude Cesarean section on the pregnant woman, then claimed the premature baby was hers. "The placenta was on the floor, and the perp had cut the cord herself," a source told the Post.

Police initially believed that the stabbing victim, whom the Post identifies as Angelikque Sutton, wasn't pregnant because Wade told cops at the scene that she had gone into labor and delivered the baby. "She tried to sell the idea that the baby was hers and she had just given birth right there,” a police source told the News. "But that was clearly not the case."

Police were called when Wade allegedly strangled Sutton, then cut her throat before cutting into her stomach around 2:30 p.m. inside Wade's apartment on Monticello Avenue in Wakefield. "It appears that the fetus of this woman was removed ... surgically removed by the perpetrator," Councilman Andy King told reporters. "This is an ugly incident that cannot be condoned." King added that the two women knew each other, but it's not clear how well, nor what sparked the fatal stabbing.

The baby, later named Genesis, was due on December 2nd. Both the baby and Sutton were taken to Montefiore Medical Center after the stabbing; Sutton died there, while the baby is listed in stable condition.

Police say Wade was taken to Jacobi Hospital in custody; no charges have been filed yet, but the investigation is ongoing.