If the blog "Truth About John Wender" is to be believed, then John Wender, a manager at the architecture firm Bartolone Wender Architects, has a "micro penis." He has yellow, plaque-covered teeth that resemble an "Amish graveyard," and he is a "freight train of destruction." John Wender would like you to know, however, that these accusations aren't true—according to court documents, they're simply the product of one Louise Silberling's troubled mind.

Louise Silberling

Here's what we know: Silberling, an editorial assistant at the Cornell Philosophical Review, went on a handful of dates with Wender, though in the defamatory blog she allegedly created, truthaboutjohnwender.wordpress.com, it's "a friend" who has it in for Wender. The friend is "beautiful and smart and kind and generous," but, you see, Wender screwed her over, and besides that, he's a "hunched old man gnome" with the "smallest penis" Silberling, er, her friend, has ever seen.

The first post was made on May 16th, and continues at sporadic intervals through October 8th. Photos of John Wender, "Architect and Sociopath," are interspersed with images of a woman bound with rope, a set of yellowing teeth ("These teeth are much nicer than John Wender’s teeth") and, inexplicably, a bronze statue of a woman that may or may not resemble John Wender. Mostly, though, the photos are of Wender himself—the same picture, over and over. Some of the entries are written on behalf of a friend, some are SCRAWLED IN ALL CAPS, and the most recent is a guest post from John Wender himself!:

If you date me, John Wender, you will hear stories about this stalker, that stalker; I will always be the victim. Stop to think about why someone would go to the trouble to post the truth about me. Forewarned is forearmed. I will chew you up and spit you out. Unless you play me at my own game better but you’d have to be a sociopath also to be better than me at this game.

It turns out that John Wender isn't too thrilled with these allegations, and has filed a $1.25 million lawsuit against Silberling for defamation and "irreparable harm," the Daily News reports. Reached for comment, Wender said that he first became acquainted with Silberling when she contacted him on Facebook. The two went to the same high school, he said, though not at the same time.

According to the tabloid, Silberling, who allegedly asserts that Wender is on a "quest to f*ck and f*ck over every woman in NYC with that tiny STD infested weiner," and whose "pubic hair is white like Santa Claus," is positively stunned by the news that she's being sued.

“Any allegations against me would be bogus,” she reportedly sniffed. As of now, truthaboutjohnwender.wordpress.com is still online for your perusal. Enjoy.